Marriage Is Not Easy For Some People

Marriage is fantastic for some people. Some reasons why they think like that, because it gives new spirit in life, it gives new situation, it make a day not to be alone, and there is some one five us more attention. Whereas, in my opinion that marriage is not easy for people to do. And I have some reasons for this.

For the first reason, the people must be ready in spirituality. Such as, the people must be wisely on everything. If he isn’t wise, he will difficult to lead his family. So that, before he marry with some one, he must be able to lead himself before he lead another people including his family later. Furthermore, the people can decide the good and the bad thing in other to be not passed in the wrong way.

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In the second reason, the people must be ready in material, especially for man. Because he will become the leader of his family later, he must have a good job. If they haven’t a job, where will he get the money is. So that, having job is vary important to have enough money that will be used to finance his family later. Yet, not only by having enough money, but also he must be able to manage his money in other to complete the sudden thing that sometime need much money. For example, if there one of his family members has an incident that must be taking to the hospital or another sudden incident.

And the last reason, the people must be independent person, because when he have marred with some one, he will separates with his parent than live alone with his own family. So that, he must learn to overcome every problems he have, because no life without problems. Because in this life there are full of choices, he must be able to make wise choice and decision in every problem he have.

From those reasons, I can take the conclusion, that marriage is not as easy as the people think. If we want to have happy family and have a pleasant life with our family later, we must have a good preparation in other to face the new life which many of problems in it.
Marriage Is Not Easy For Some People