The Consequences of Uneducated People

Our prophet Muhammad SAW said that who wants the world, he must have knowledge, who wants the hereafter, he must have knowledge, and who wants both of those, he must have knowledge too. From this massage, we know how important the knowledge, because with knowledge, the people can upgrade their life. But in fact, a lot of Indonesian people are needy, and the main cause of those is they are less education. For less education people or uneducated people must face some consequences as the result of it.

At the first consequence, it makes their life will be more difficult. One of the reasons, why the life become difficult is hasn’t a job. Without education, it will be difficult to looking for a job, because it needs knowledge and skill. So, if they haven’t a job, they have no money that they use to finance their selves or their family, because their family needs clothes, foot, and another need. And the result, they will lack in life requirement and will be always live in lack.

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In the second place, it made them always do harder than educated people. If educated people have to work in half day to get one hundred thousand, they must work in the whole day to get one hundred thousand. And ironically, that money will finish in the next day in the traditional market because it’s used to buy some requirement such as rise and another one. So, if the situation was like that, how they can collect the money that they will use to fulfill their basic requirement, whereas, the prize of basic requirement was expensive. So that, if they want to fulfill their requirement completely, they must do endeavor in a day and night. In the day, they endeavor by working hard and in the night they endeavor to the god.

And for the last thing, it makes them always be oppressed. If most of Indonesian people still less education, they will be easy to be laid by government or another person. They will make the decision that will give them much profit and give the uneducated people much detriment. In edition, their power will be squeezed to get what they want. It mean, they make fool of them, because they think that uneducated people can’t do anything except hard working. Moreover, they will have a little wages for their toil. Why it happen? Because, every working they do, they don’t need to use their mind hardly and that make their working being no price.

Those are the consequences that uneducated people have to face. And the only way to overcome it just by looking for knowledge, even though, the knowledge isn’t from formal education, because just by education, the people can increase their living standard
The Consequences of Uneducated People