Download Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMA SMK MA Kelas X XI XII

Soal Bahasa Inggris ini akan sangat berguna buat latihan dan mengasah kemampuan menyelesaikan Soal Bahasa Inggris. Dengan terus menjawab soal-soal yang kami sediakan, kami yakin skill sobat akan meningkat.
Soal ini juga sangat cocok dijadikan ulangan harian di sekolah Menengah Atas, Sekolah Menegah Kejuruan dan Madrasah Aliah. Dan berikut ini 50 item soal yang kami sajikan

Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMA SMK MA Kelas X XI XII

Desy : Hi, Niko …
Mile : Hi, Andy. Nice to meet you.
Andy : Nice to meet you too.

  • a. This is my friend, Andy. 
  • b. Andy is my friend. 
  • c. He is Andy. 
  • d. My name is Andy

Angel : I’ve just read the Laskar Pelangi novel ….
Andrew : I agree with you. Two thumbs up for the author.

  • a. It’s better. 
  • b. I like the novel too. 
  • c. I have my opinion. 
  • d. What a great novel 

Kevin : Before Mr. Bobby goes to office, he always ….
His children to school everyday.

  • a. Drive 
  • b. Drives 
  • c. Driving 
  • d. To drive 

Student A : Your school debate team won the competition last week, ……
Student B : Yes, we are lucky. Thank you.

  • a. It’s pleasure 
  • b. Your team looks nice 
  • c. Congratulation on your school achievement 
  • d. I really sorry to say that 

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Kami juga sudah menyajikan soal soal Ujian Nasional (UN) Tahun pelajaran 2016-2017. Dihalaman ini, sobat dapt membaca langsung soalnya melalui web browser dan juga dapat sobat download filenya dalam format Pdf.

Diki : Hi anggi, I’ve got something for you.
Anggi : Really? What’s that?
Diki : Here you are.
Anggi : …………………

  • a. Oh my God! 
  • b. Never mind 
  • c. I hope you give me something anymore. 
  • d. Oh, thank you very much for your kindness. 

Kiki : Why didn't you go to school yesterday?
Irfan : I stayed home because I wasn't feeling well.
Kiki : ………………
Irfan : My stomach was bothering me.

  • a. What was your problem? 
  • b. Where are you? 
  • c. That’s okay 
  • d. Very well, thank you. 

Ajeng : I’m very happy today, because I have passed for the final test.
Dinda : ……… , How’s the score?
Ajeng : Thanks Dinda. I got the highest score for the test.

  • a. You need more practice. 
  • b. Me too. 
  • c. Thank you very much. 
  • d. That’s great, congratulations! 

Stefani : What happened to you? I saw you at the hospital yesterday.
Galuh : My brother got accident.
Stefani : ………….., I hope your brother get well soon.

  • a. You must visit him. 
  • b. I’m sorry to hear that. 
  • c. Okay I see. 
  • d. When did he get accident? 

Haikal : Are you new student? Where do you come from?
Novita : Yes, you’re right, ……….

  • a. I come from Semarang. 
  • b. My name is Novita. 
  • c. Nice to meet you. 
  • d. How do you do. 

Wildan : What will you do tomorrow?
Cindy : I will ….. with my family.

  • a. Go fishing 
  • b. Travelling 
  • c. going to Surabaya 
  • d. playing badminton 

Sarah : Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Agung : Nothing. Why?
Sarah : Would you like to see the concert with me?
Agung : …… .
Sarah : Well I will pick you up at 07.00 p.m

  • a. Okay, I will. 
  • b. Sorry I have plan tomorrow. 
  • c. I think sometime 
  • d. Do you want invite me? 

Man : What did they do last night?
Woman : ………….
Man : Ok, great.

  • a. I don’t know. 
  • b. Maybe they play football 
  • c. They did some exercises. 
  • d. Let’s ask them. 

Edwin : Whom did you play tennis with?
Toni : I …… with dido.

  • a. Played 
  • b. Plays 
  • c. Playing 
  • d. Play 

Michael : Excuse me, May I know what car you drove?
It’s really a wonderful car.
Scarlet : Em… it’s Mercedes Guardian.
Michael : Of course! This car cam hold out the missile
and incapable to broke by tank, ……
Scarlet : I’m glad you like it. Thank you.

  • a. Seriously? 
  • b. It’s expensive car 
  • c. That’s terrific! 
  • d. I agree with you. 

Shopia : where is my mobile phone?
Disa : it is …. those two bags.

  • a. Between 
  • b. Among 
  • c. Above 
  • d. Over 

Alia : May I borrow your pencil, Ferry?
Ferry : Sure, ….. some pencils in my case.
You may borrow one of them.

  • a. There is 
  • b. There are 
  • c. This is 
  • d. Those are 

Cindy : What are you doing, Sean?
Sean : I ….. some photos for my friend’s wedding documentary.

  • a. Edit 
  • b. Edits 
  • c. Will be editing 
  • d. Am editing 

Sony : Where do you live?
Zainal : I live …. Great avenue street no. 10.

  • a. In 
  • b. On 
  • a. At 
  • b. Of 

Riri : I don’t understand why there … some police gathering in front of the hotel.
Fifi : Let’s see it!

  • a. Is 
  • b. Was 
  • c. Are 
  • d. Were 

Kiko : When will you move here?
Yeni : Maybe I will start to move … Sunday.

  • a. In 
  • b. On 
  • c. From 
  • d. At 

 Anjas : Where is your daughter?
Loli : She …. hard to prepare the final examination.

  • a. Study 
  • b. Is studying 
  • c. Will study 
  • d. Will be studying 


Riri : I don’t understand why there … some police gathering in front of the hotel.
Fifi : Let’s see it!
  • a. Is 
  • b. Was 
  • c. Are 
  • d. Were 

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Kiko : When will you move here?
Yeni : Maybe I will start to move … Sunday.

  • a. In 
  • b. On 
  • c. From 
  • d. At 

Anjas : Where is your daughter?
Loli : She …. hard to prepare the final examination.

  • a. Study 
  • b. Is studying 
  • c. Will study 
  • d. Will be studying 

What does this sign mean?

  • a. Do not turn right 
  • b. No U-turn 
  • c. No entry 
  • d.Do not parking 

Diva : How much your suitcase?
Alena : It’s Rp. 200.000,-
Diva : I see, it is ….. than Dian’s suitcase.

  • a. Expensive 
  • b. As expensive as 
  • c. More expensive 
  • d. Most expensive 

Johan : Sorry, we are meeting now, can you phone me later
Romy : ……..

  • a. Are you busy? I will phone you later 
  • b. Thanks Johan. 
  • c. I will not phone you 
  • d. I hate you 

Alex : Oh …. Ann, you … on my foot.
Ann : I am sorry Alex I do not know.

  • a. Are standing 
  • b. Are holding 
  • c. Are eating 
  • d. Is chatting 

Loly : please be quite! I …. At the moment.
Kiki : Alright.

  • a. Work 
  • b. Worked 
  • c. Am working 
  • d. Will be working 

Rudy : “…. Dina or Dini?”
Jeni : Of course Dina is. She is 170 cm tall and Dini is 165 cm tall.

  • a. Who is the tallest 
  • b. Is Dina is tall as Dini 
  • c. Who is taller 
  • d. Who is as tall as 

Fitri : “Why isn’t the lamp on?”
Dewi : “…any problem with it”
Fitri : “ it looks like”.

  • a. There is 
  • b. There are 
  • c. There was 
  • d. Is there? 

Aldi : What do you think it means?
Sarah : It means ……

  • a. Intersection 
  • b. T-Junction 
  • c. Road Slippery 
  • d. Road narrow 

You have a friend that you don’t see for sometimes, and then one day you meet her, what would you say?
a. See you

  • b. Good bye 
  • c. Nice to meet you again 
  • d. Good luck 
  • e. Thank you 

If you meet someone at 01.15 p.m. what would you say

  • a. Good morning 
  • b. Good afternoon 
  • c. Good Evening 
  • d. Very good 
  • e. Good night 

Your friend, Amy invites you to her birthday party.
You seen your old friend Dina in the party
You : Hi,, Dina, what’s news? I haven’t seen you for a long time
Dina : Just fine, Thanks, …………..

  • a. I am old now, Aren’t I? 
  • b. It has been aged, hasn’t it? 
  • c. I am alright 
  • d. Is Dina your friend? 
  • e. Are you okay? 

You are invited to a party by your neighbor.
You do know anyone in the party,
and you want to say hello to people next to you.
You : ……………….
Girl : Yes, Anita has a lot of friends. the party is excising.

  • a. Beautiful scenery, isn’t it? 
  • b. It is a great party, isn’t it 
  • c. Yeah really, it’s fantastic. 
  • d. Is Anita your friend? 
  • e. It’s standard 

Rudi : Hi Indah
Indah : Hi Rudi,
Rudi : What a surprise meet you here, how are you doing?
Indah : ……………………
Rudi : Taking my mother to the shop

  • a. Very busy 
  • b. Great, what are you doing here? 
  • c. Its’ been a long time 
  • d. Good to see you 
  • e. Nice to meet you in the shop. 

You are sitting on a bench in the city park.
Someone comes and sits beside you
You : Hello, ………….
Someone : Yeah really, the park is so beautiful

  • a. Do not sit down here 
  • b. Please, sit down 
  • c. Please, enjoy the picnic 
  • d. my name is Mario 
  • e. Its’ beautiful garden, isn’t it? 

What is your expression to introduce yourself if you meet someone for the first time?

  • a. Anna, this is Kris, my friend here 
  • b. Have you meet my friend. Okay? 
  • c. Hello, may introduce my self 
  • d. Hello, nice to meet you friend. 
  • e. I must introduce myself 

Riko : Hi Ebo, have you meet my brother, Elby?
Elby : Hi Ebo, nice to see you
Ebo : Glad to know you, too
Who is introduce Riko

  • a. Riko introduce his friend, Ebo to Elby 
  • b. Riko introduce his friend, Elby to Ebo 
  • c. Ebo intoduce his brother, Riko 
  • d. Riko introduce his brother, Elby to Ebo 
  • e. Riko introduce his brother, Ebo to Elby 

Andy : Hello Jeck, How are you,
Jeck : Hello Andy, Good, Thanks, and you?
Andy : Very well, thanks
Jeck : Andy, ………………
Andy : Hello Bob
Bob : Hello Andy

  • a. This is my friend, Bob 
  • b. Hello Andy, how are you? 
  • c. It’s a pleasure meet you 
  • d. I am happy to see you 
  • e. It’s nice to see you 

Mila served delicious dinner to her guest, Dina.
Dina : Thank you for delicious dinner, Mila
Mila : ……………………….

  • a. I am very hungry too Dina 
  • b. Its’ my pleasure, Dina 
  • c. Its’ nice to see you 
  • d. Do not eat too much Dina 
  • e. When will you invite me for dinner too? 

The students………….finish their homework

  • a. Has 
  • b. Have 
  • c. has to 
  • d. have to 
  • e. had been 

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44 .
 ……..!! Grandmother is sick.

  • a. Be careful 
  • b. To quiet 
  • c. be noisy 
  • d. be quiet 
  • e. don’t be quiet 

X : Thank you for visiting our school?
Y :

  • a. Don’t worry 
  • b. Long time no see you 
  • c. Very well 
  • d. My Pleasure 
  • e. When you visit my school? 

John : Sorry, we are meeting now, can you phone me latter
Roy : ……..

  • a. Are you busy? 
  • b. Thanks john 
  • c. I will not phone you 
  • d. I hate you 
  • e. Okay, I will phone later 

Alex : Oh…. Anne, You … on my foot.
Anne : I am sorry Alex, I do not know.

  • a. Are standing 
  • b. Are playing 
  • c. Are eating 
  • d. is chatting 
  • e. are holding 

Finally, We can reach the peak of mountain
The bold italic word means….

  • a. Stay 
  • b. Leave 
  • c. Arrive 
  • d. climb 
  • e. run 

My father is seventy years old. His hair is …… white.

  • a. Smell 
  • b. Looking 
  • c. fells 
  • d. turning 
  • e. Looks 

Please be quite. I…. at the moment

  • a. Work 
  • b. Am work 
  • c. am worked 
  • d. am working 
  • e. worked 

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