20 Best Tourism Place in Malang East Java Indonesia

Indonesia is a one country that has a lot of beautiful tourism place. The beautiful place spread from Sabang to Merauke.

Malang Raya is one of area in East Java Province. Everyone has known that Malang is the most beautiful place in East Java. There ara many tourism place there. Beach, Mountain, unique culture and many other, you can find it there.

In East Java, Malang has known as the most cold place, that's why there are many tourist from many country stay for long time in Malang. You can't visit all the tourism place in Malang for a month, you need for more time.

Here I provide a list of the 20 best places in MalangEast Java Indonesia

1. East Java Park

East Java Park, or most populer with Jatim Park is on of many tourism place in Malang. Most visitors came from other town, some of them also from other province. Concept of this place are recreational and educational park. Jatim Park offer dozens of rides that are ready to entertain you and your family. Which is characteristic of the tourist attractions is of course the pool with relief background face Ken Arok. The swimming pool can be used by adults and children in accordance with the depth that has been adjusted. In addition, the swimming pool is also equipped with a variety of water slides board.

For an education place, there are Science Stadium is an outdoor and indoor laboratory that provides information and demonstrations ranging from physics, biology, chemistry to mathematics. There are Papua and East Java Ethnic Gallery featuring a collection of miniature traditional house in East Java and Papua, puppets and many other handicrafts.

Do you want more? Ok, tourist attractions in Malang still has a lot of other rides such as Flying Tornado, Mini Jet, Go Karting, Spinning Coaster, Midi Skater, Drop Zone and 3D Cinema. Other supporting facilities cafeteria, mosque, gazebo and much more.

Do you interest to visit this place, do not wait for long time, just come in bro.. :)

2. Musium Angkut (Transport Museum)

Hi guys, come on to Museum? " Oh thanks, maybe another time". That is the answer if we ask our friend to go to museum, that;s right?

Heii,, wait! Who said museums are boring places? In the Transport Museum, you can get information on the history and development of transportation in the world in a fun way. In these places, there is a large collection of other modes of transport ranging from the bicycle, wagon, an electric car to an F1 racing car.

There are 10 zones that you can explore at this 3,7 ha place, among others, Education Zone, Italy, UK, France, Las Vegas, Germany, Hollywood, Japan, Gangsters & Broadway and of course Batavia. Each zone was made as closely as possible to the original, from the street to its distinctive landmarks. This makes these zones become a favorite place to take pictures. If you satisfied walking araoun this place, do not forget to enjoy the culinary Floating Market which serves delicious dishes. So, when will you here?

3. Coban Rondo Water Fall

Ok, next we will back to nature, yapps,, that is Coban Rondo Water Fall. But, what is Coban Rondo? Coban is water fall, and Rondo is widow. Rondo is Java Language, in Indonesia we call Janda. So, rondo=janda=widow. That's look so funny, no! that's so beautiful. According to legend, the waterfall is there because of the love story Dewi Anjarwati with her husband Raden Baron Kusuma. For more story, you can ask people there, lol :D

This place is very cold and cool, and more, you can take a bath under the waterfall, you can play with your family there. If someday you will go there, don't forget to invite me yahh,, :)

4. Omah Kayu (Wood House)

This house made from wood, of course, Omah Kayu located in Batu City East Java.

Fantastic scenery if you are in Omah Kayu, suitable for those of you who are looking for calmness, coolness, and a natural. Okayu is a unique lodging in the hills, to stay here the estimated cost you need is about IDR 250 000 -IDR350000. If you do not intend to spend the night then you just simply spend IDR25000 to reach this place. You can enjoy snack that sold around this place What is the something interest of this place? Here the visitors will be pampered with a very cool natural air and very beautiful view. So if you who want to vacation do not forget to make Omah Kayu to your visit list. And do not forget, always keep your camera if you here, because this beautiful panorama is perfect for you who love make a photo

5. Batu Night Spectaculaer (BNS)

Batu Night Spectacular BNS Malang East Java, is an object of night tourism with integrated family entertainment atmosphere concept combining mall, market, game, sport and entertainment concept in one place. Batu Night Spectacular wants to revive the mood of Batu city night by presenting spectacular rides ranging from exciting, creepy, challenging rides that are ready to test your adrenaline. So Batu Night Spectacular become one of the favorite tour for tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the Batu city with flickering lights located in the highlands with a cool air. Because in accordance with its name, this place does present the beauty of the night tour in the city of Batu with the cool atmosphere of the mountains. You will be spoiled with beautiful lighting in Batu Night Spectacular.

6. Sempu Island

After we visit BNS, lets go to another beautiful place in Malang, Sempu Island. This is one of island located in Malang, exactly in South Malang. Everybody know that this place have very beautiful natural view. To reach this place you must walk in the forest for an hour, so if you have not enough energy, just think twice bro.

And than, what is the something special there? Many people go to Sempu Island for camping, we can stand our tent in a place called Segara Anakan. If I translate Segara Anakan in english, maybe "Son of the Sea"

Segara Anakan is a hidden place located in the middle of the Sempu island surrounded by cliffs. Don't ask me about beautiful view there, because that's so beautiful

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20 Best Tourism Place in Malang East Java Indonesia