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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMK-EXERCISE FOR X SMKI OF BATU

Bapak ibu guru, di halaman ni hanya terdapat 18 butir soal saja, kami menyediakan 50 butir soal pilihan ganda di link ini:
Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMA SMK MA Kelas X XI XII
A. Choose the correct answers by crossing a, b, c, d or d.
You have a friend that you don’t see for sometimes, and then one day you meet her, what would you say?
  • a. See you 
  • b. Good bye
  • c. Nice to meet you again
  • d. Good luck
  • e. Thank you

If you meet someone at 01.15 p.m. what would you say
  • a. Good morning 
  • b. Good afternoon
  • c. Good Evening 
  • d. Very good
  • e. Good night

Your friend, Amy invites you to her birthday party.
You seen your old friend Dina in the party
You : Hi,, Dina, what’s news? I haven’t seen you for a long time
Dina : Just fine, Thanks, …………..
  • a. I am old now, Aren’t I? 
  • b. It has been aged, hasn’t it? 
  • c. I am alright
  • d. Is Dina your friend?
  • e. are you okay?

You are invited to a party by your neighbor. You do know anyone in the party, and you want to say hello to people next to you.
You : ……………….
Girl : Yes, Anita has a lot of friends. the party is excising.
  • a. Beautiful scenery, isn’t it? 
  • b. It is a great party, isn’t it 
  • c. Yeah really, it’s fantastic.
  • d. Is Anita your friend?
  • e. It’s standard

Rudi : Hi Indah
Indah : Hi Rudi,
Rudi : What a surprise meet you here, how are you doing?
Indah : ……………………
Rudi : Taking my mother to the shop
  • a. Very busy 
  • b. Great, what are you doing here? 
  • c. Its’ been a long time
  • d. good to see you
  • e. Nice to meet you in the shop.

You are sitting on a bench in the city park.
Someone comes and sits beside you
You : Hello, ………….
Someone : Yeah really, the park is so beautiful
  • a. Do not sit down here 
  • b. Please, sit down 
  • c. Please, enjoy the p
  • d. my name is Marioicnic
  • e. Its’ beautiful garden, isn’t it?

What is your expression to introduce yourself if you meet someone for the first time?
  • a. Anna, this is Kris, my friend here 
  • b. Have you meet my friend. Oky? 
  • c. Hello, may introduce my self
  • d. Hello, nice to meet you friend.
  • e. I must introduce myself

Riko : Hi Ebo, have you meet my brother, Elby?
Elby : Hi Ebo, nice to see you
Ebo : Glad to know you, too
Who is introduce Riko
  • a. Riko introduce his friend, Ebo to Elby
  • b. Riko introduce his friend, Elby to Ebo
  • c. Ebo intoduce his brother, Riko
  • d. Riko introduce his brother, Elby to Ebo
  • e. Riko introduce his brother, Ebo to Elby

Andy : Hello Jeck, How are you,
Jeck : Hello Andy, Good, Thanks, and you?
Andy : Very well, thanks
Jeck : Andy, ………………
Andy : Hello Bob
Bob : Hello Andy
  • a. This is my friend, Bob 
  • b. Hello Andy, how are you? 
  • c. It’s a pleasure meet you
  • d. I am happy to see you
  • e. It’s nice to see you

Mila served delicious dinner to her guest, Dina.
Dina : Thank you for delicious dinner, Mila
Mila : ……………………….
  • a. I am very hungry too Dina 
  • b. Its’ my pleasure, Dina 
  • c. ts’ nice to see you
  • d. Do not eat too much Dina
  • e. When will you invite me for dinner too?
The students………….finish their homework
  • a. Has 
  • b. Have 
  • c. has to
  • d. had been
  • e. have to

 ……..!! Grandmother is sick.
  • a. Be careful 
  • b. To quiet 
  • c. be noisy 
  • d. don’t be quiet
  • d. be quiet

X : Thank you for visiting our school?
Y :
  • a. Don’t worry 
  • b. Long time no see you 
  • c. Very well
  • d. My Pleasure
  • e. When you visit my school?
John : Sorry, we are meeting now, can you phone me latter
Roy : ……..
  • a. Are you busy? 
  • b. Thanks john 
  • c. I will not phone you
  • d. I hate you
  • e. Okay, I will phone later

Alex : Oh…. Anne, You … on my foot.
Anne : I am sorry Alex, I do not know.
  • a. Are standing 
  • b. Are playing 
  • c. Are eating
  • d. is chatting
  • e. are holding

Finally, We can reach the peak of mountain
The bold italic word means….
  • a. Stay 
  • b. Leave 
  • c. Arrive
  • d. climb
  • e. run
My father is seventy years old. His hair is …… white.
  • a. Smell 
  • b. Looking 
  • c. fells 
  • e. Looks
  • d. turning

Please be quite. I…. at the moment
  • a. Work 
  • b. Am work 
  • c. am worked 
  • d. am working
  • e. worked

B. Makes the best answer
  1. Introduce yourself completely 
  2. Makes a short dialogue with the theme “ prepare UAN at SMK Islam of Batu 
  3. How many tenses’ formula you know? mention! 
  4. Look at picture bellow! From the situation, make a shot paragraph related with the situation!
    foto negara Manoko
Maroko adalah negara merdeka terkecil ke dua didunia,dengan jumlah penduduk 32.410 dan luas 1,96 kilometer persegi (485 hektar).Monaco merupakan negara terkecil didunia berbahasa prancis.
----- Good Luck -----

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